2/4: Random Thoughts On Punching Nazis

Even before Richard Spencer got assaulted during an interview last month, people have not exactly been conflicted what exactly we should do with the alt right. The phrase "punch a Nazi" is so simple that it is tough to say anything against it: when confronted by Nazi, punch. The sheer physicality of being able to swing at a hate object is by nature satisfying, and I hope the trend stays alive.

That being said, uniformed Nazis (or even uniformed alt right folks) are not the people I generally run into on the street. Maybe we move in different social circles, maybe they think I smell weird, I'm not sure.

However, as I am a person who enjoys movies and media pretty extensively, I thought I'd put together a list of five or so media objects concerning White Supremacy that I've watched in the recent past.

American History X: 

This movie alternates between moments of extreme love and brutal violence. The tale of Edward Norton being raised as a misinformed skinhead is frighteningly relevant, especially given the ending of failed redemption. The story here: we must not punch Nazis, we must annihilate them by changing their minds.

Inglorious Basterds:

Admittedly, this one goes the opposite direction. There is no understanding in Tarantino's universe, only a bloodthirsty desire for revenge. And I dig that, there are those of us who need to keep killing Hitler until every Nazi is dead. 

Triumph Of The Will:

Everybody loves this film because it is one of the best-photographed documentaries of all time, and everyone has their own way of brushing past the fact that it's a movie about the glory of Adolf Hitler's movement (Roger Ebert had only one thing to say about that particular leader: "What a horrible man.") I do not intend to make this excuse, for it is important to bathe in the fact that Hitler led his nation with far fewer checks to his power than Trump's administration has right now.


Part of the reason people weren't concerned about Trump is because they didn't realize just how fucked the country is. Ava Duvernay pries the scabs off fresh wounds to remind the white, hipster audience perusing Netflix for documentaries that yes, we are implicit in a racist state. Crime and punishment to me has always come down to this: if you do things a police officer doesn't like, he can keep you in a cage until you die.

Garden State:

Not a movie about Nazis, I just really strongly dislike Zach Braff and needed a fifth movie.

Couldn't find a match for me.

Couldn't find a match for me.