1/7/17: Getting Restarted

Sitting here in an armchair drinking Dr. Pepper and eating tortilla chips while I wait for my body to recover from a night of beer and memories, the most immediate thing I feel is a sense of sloth. I don't expect this particular blog post to have much meaning at all, but I know that if I don't get back on a schedule I'll probably lose my edge (providing I haven't already.)

Here are some things I did since last we spoke:

  • Took a bus from San José to Los Angeles: Man, what a whirlwind trip. My bus ride started around 10:45 PM Friday, yet I still waited for the first train to my final destination for a full hour.
  • Had a friend die
  • Went to Iceland to hike with my family: I now fully appreciate the value of warm gear. And I am now part Viking, or so I like to think.
  • Reapplied to certain graduate programs: I want to go to grad school more than I've ever wanted anything else, and I think with some good luck I may even get there.
  • Watched "Anomalisa" and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story": Anomalisa ruined my day because I knew I could never make anything quite as beautiful as it. Rogue One would have ruined my day with how two-dimensional it was if I hadn't been spending it with my father.
  • Got kicked out of a bar: No fault of my own.
  • Reread "A River Runs Through It": What a beautiful collection of stories.
  • Gone back to work after the holidays: And what a job I have.
  • Other things, probably

I'm off to watch a double feature of "Starstruck" and "Forbidden Zone" now. It's going to be a blast; see you again on Tuesday!