Welcome, dear reader, to my self-serving, self-starting, Stay Sharp Blog! This blog is designed to keep me motivated in the interim between my time as an undergraduate and my hopeful future as a graduate student by maintaining and honing my writing skills to a finely crafted edge while motivating myself by keeping a strict schedule of at least two posts a week.  There will most likely be two different types of post here. One style of post will be a more formally academic piece in which I will summarize, review, and reflect on selected essays from the second edition of Paul Marris and Sue Thornam’s “Media Studies: A Reader.” The other style will be more fun, and will concern either a well-respected film or a more readily available media object or trend. I know that these defined designs will often morph into a strange fusion of cultural studies, critical theory, and perverse humor, but having some rigidity in form will get me through the tougher parts of my journey. Expect posts on Tuesdays and Saturdays, though we shall see.

            A final warning: at the end of the day, this blog is not some noble endeavor managed efficiently by an academic who spends their time in libraries and at film festivals. No, this is a grimy act of desperation by a starving young writer addicted to chasing his dreams. There will be explicit material, there will be unpolished arguments, and there will be nonsense. Who knows though, maybe someone will read it.

None of these posts are written while I am on the clock for my current employer, which I will not name. All views are my own because I'm greedy.